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What Happens If You Eat Garlic Every Day?

What Happens If You Eat Garlic Every Day?
What Happens If You Eat Garlic Every Day?
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Have you ever heard this saying that the more garlic you eat, the longer you will live? I must have heard it a zillion times from my grandparents and other relatives before. They love to tell stories of healthy life and longevity because of their daily intake of garlic – especially at dinnertime! I do believe that there are some good health benefits you can get from eating this delicious herb every day.

We often take garlic for granted, are you aware that daily intake can play a significant role in the prevention or reduction of certain diseases? Intake of garlic has been reported to protect us from cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, certain cancers, and other conditions. Also without it, our meals can be bland. Free from its pungent flavor, we wouldn’t enjoy any of them. So, would you like to know more benefits of eating garlic daily? Reading this article will open your mind to the mystical beauty behind it.

What Are The Health Benefits of Garlic

From time immemorial vegetables and plants have been used to treat a variety of medical conditions up until the present times. Modern science has backed many beneficial health plates of eating garlic. It contains phytochemicals including Allicin and organic sulfur compounds, these compounds are responsible for the cleansing of the body and other many beneficial properties.

Garlic has a lot of health benefits from lowering the risk of heart disease to collectively addressing a couple of health issues which may include high cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. seems too good to be true right? Well, you’d be surprised by how much of a huge difference this simple eating habit has on your life. Some of the health benefits include;

What Happens If You Eat Garlic Every Day?

It decreases the frequency of getting sick

Well, an excellent reason to add garlic to your body is its ability to commune system. It does this by playing an active role in the body’s defense mechanism. For starters, Allicin in garlic provides antibacterial properties. It also contains antiviral agents that can work in two ways. Number one, it locks the entry of viruses into cells and the liver to strengthen the immune response to ward off potential invaders effectively. Such things can aid in keeping the immune system strong and healthy. In some cases, having garlic every day can help prevent and reduce the severity of the flu and the common cold.

Reduced inflammation

Chronic inflammation is the primary driver behind many chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. eating garlic every day can help curb the activity of certain dietary proteins, a randomized study of 70 women who had 1000 milligrams of garlic supplements for joints compared to the placebo group shows a great tremendous change in the inflammation around the joints of these women and reduced pain.

Improves blood pressure

A normal clue of where to donate money just to keep a cardiologist away? Well, garlic is that secret. Cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke are the biggest killers in the world. And injury is one of the major drivers of such diseases. A human study found that eating garlic has a remarkable impact on lowering hypertension and one study shows that having 600 to 1500 milligrams of aged garlic extract was just as effective as taking ethanol in lowering blood pressure. It works to stimulate the synthesis of nitric oxide, which then dilates blood vessels and inhibits angiotensin-converting enzyme or ACE activity. inhibiting ace activity helps relax blood vessels potentially supporting healthy blood flow and pressure. While we’re on the topic of cardiovascular diseases daily garlic intake can also minimize other heart disease risk factors like high cholesterol.

Reduced cholesterol levels

Another look into garlic shows that it reduces LDL cholesterol levels (low-density lipoprotein) by 10 to 50%. More research is needed to determine their relationship. Some studies concluded that garlic supplementation was indeed effective in lowering total cholesterol and high LDL cholesterol levels. This is great news since those two are risk factors for heart disease. Well, it appears to lower LDL, however, no reliable effect on HDL cholesterol. So high triglyceride levels are another risk factor, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have significant effects.

Reduced blood sugar

Taking garlic by mouth is also going to reduce premium blood sugar levels in people with or without diabetes, although it’s only in small amounts, it’s enough to be effective in their medications, especially for three months. Furthermore, it is necessary to know that increased intake can lead to the use of the bathroom. Besides, it has vitamins B6 and C with B6 for carbohydrate metabolism and C for blood sugar level maintenance. On the other hand, there’s definite evidence that it reduces post-meal blood sugar levels. Want to get your athletic performance and reduce blood sugar levels at least consider eating garlic every day for a month. 

Enhance physical performance

Before there were performance-enhancing supplements and garlic was one of the first natural performance-enhancing substances you’ve got that goes way back to ancient times when it was used to reduce fatigue and boost physical capacity later. The most notable was during ancient Greek times when it was given to Olympic athletes. Potent studies have indicated how critics have been conducted with individuals who had heart disease and who had gargoyle for six weeks experienced that 12% reduction in heart rate and improved exercise capacity.

Reduces toxicity in the body

When taken in high doses garlic can protect your organs against damage from heavy metal toxicity thanks to the sulfur compounds. Based on a study of employees of a car battery shop, It was found that they had a 90% reduction in lead levels in their bodies. Furthermore, it decreased several clinical signs of toxicity such as high blood pressure and headaches. three doses of garlic daily can even outmatch the drug. A deep facility in reducing symptoms of toxic waste in the body is the most known benefit of garlic it is still worth mentioning.

It can help increase the function of the brain and improve bone health

There are no human studies on the effect of garlic on bone loss that’s a brutal study showing that it can reduce memory loss by boosting estrogen in Phoenix. And also in Pennsylvania, garlic is used to make some drugs used in brain boost and bones, which is equal to two programs substantial estrogen deficient.

Fight Bacteria and Fungal

This supplement may have positive effects on women’s health, it reduces the risk of infections and garlic is widely known for its ability to defend against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even parasites. One study found that Allicin the active ingredient of freshly crushed garlic had antiviral properties and was effective against several initial harlots and fungal properties. It can fight against infections, so it’s parasitic action. It can help major intestinal parasites like giardia. Other studies have also found Allicin as a growth inhibitor of the bacteria methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus reverse, which can cause infections in various parts of the body.

Improves skin health

when you eat garlic regularly you may notice that your skin is clear enough it’s all thanks to the planet’s anti-bacterial properties and antioxidants that work to kill acne-causing bacteria. It’s better to rub raw garlic over pimples for faster results. Use it with caution as it may be a burning sensation on your skin.


How Much Garlic Is Meant To Be Consume Daily?

The recommended daily amount of garlic is around half to one whole clove per day. This will give your body around 3000 to 6000 milligrams of Allicin. Be careful of taking high doses of garlic as you may experience indigestion, intestinal gas, or diarrhea.

What Are The Different Ways Garlic Can Be Eaten?

Garlic can be eaten raw or cooked. But the most effective way to eat garlic is when it is eaten raw than cooked. Nevertheless, you can choose to cook if that’s how you like it too,

Is It Possible For Garlic To Be Over Cooked?

Yes, you can consider your limits when cooking. Cooking beyond 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius high temperatures can eradicate most of the nutrients.


We talked about the benefits of having garlic every day many of you may be wondering how much garlic is enough. Well, you can eat Garlic from time to time or a little portion in a day. Eating garlic raw can be a stuff task another way to eat it is by making garlic tea.

In this article, we have emphasized the importance of ingesting garlic daily. As individuals, it is important to take note of the fact that it can be taken raw or cooked but it is best to take it raw for optimal health benefits. Although these rare gems are healthy, it is also necessary to take note that excessive intake of them could also come with side effects. To avoid issues always consult your dietician or a health practitioner in situations of side effects or allergies to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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