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What Will Happen If You Take Almonds Everyday

What Will Happen If You Take Almonds Everyday

Ever wondered what will happen if you take almonds every day?…well you are not far from your answers. Almonds are a blockbuster dried organic product that arrives in a little size yet has much nutritional value. They contain various significant nutrients and minerals, as well as sound fats. A portion of their many astonishing medical advantages might incorporate many benefits which will be discussed in this article.

In this article, we will be covering in-depth 13 significant health benefits of eating almonds. Did you know that almonds can even prevent some types of cancer? well, read till the end to understand better.

What Will Happen If You Take Almonds Everyday - Earthlydiets

Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds have been well known in the diets of ancient Indians and Egyptians. This nut is a very nutritious snack. It is made up of many minerals and vitamins that you need. They are nutritionally beneficial in magnesium, vitamin B, protein, and amino acids. All you need to do is just eat almonds daily, and your body will transform amazingly in almost no time. Some of the benefits of Almonds include the following;

Almonds can help you lose weight

Almonds are very useful when it comes to shedding some body weight despite their high-calorie content. Almonds are essentially rich in fiber, protein, and a healthy type of fat. According to recent research, almonds help lower hunger and the urge to eat later in the day. So eating almonds is an easy way to lower your overall calorie intake.

In past years, people were wary of almonds, they’re rich in fat, and there was a belief that consuming fat would make someone gain weight. We now know better, understanding that almonds (and other tree nuts) which are rich in the satiating trifecta of fiber, fat, and protein can play a crucial role in slimming down and weight loss.

A study put 86 adults on one of two weight loss diets: In one, 15 percent of calories were produced from almonds, and the other was nut-free. (Both groups lose 500 calories with the idea of losing weight.) Individuals in the almond group lost more total body fat as well as body fat in the middle part of their body, lower belle, and they saw their diastolic blood pressure reduce drastically. Also, the vitamin B that almonds contain keeps your metabolism healthy. To boost your brain activity.

They are useful Sources of Brain Boost

Almonds are the powerhouse of many nutrients that help in the development of the brain. Almonds contain amino acids and oils, which keep the brain maintaining concentration. Every Vedic medicine believes that almonds are capable of increasing intellectual ability and longevity.

Almonds minimize stress and reduce the risk of insomnia. Almonds are especially rich in phosphorus which improves your brain power and eyesight.

They are Good For The Skin

As we’ve learned already, almonds contain vitamin E. Being one of the well-known powerful antioxidants, almonds protect the cells of your body against premature aging. Eating four almonds a day allows your skin to stay soft and elastic, as these knots boost the production of natural collagen in your body.

They Help Reduce Heart Attack Risk

Recent research has shown that those who regularly take in almonds five times a week have a 50% less chance to get a heart attack. A significant amount of vitamin E found in these nuts reduces the risk of heart disease. Almonds also help reduce the C-reactive protein, which usually causes damage to the arteries. As you can see, there are many nutrients in almonds that are beneficial to your heart health.

They Make Your Bones Strong

Almonds are a healthy source of calcium, which prevents osteoporosis and strengthens your bones, teeth, and muscles. In addition, these nuts contain magnesium and potassium, which are useful for healthy bones as well. The practice of eating almonds every day also can help you improve your bone mineral density which strengthens your skeletal system.

Lower bad cholesterol

Almonds are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats and some polyunsaturated fats that help reduce bad cholesterol. According to studies, eating half a cup of almonds daily can lower bad cholesterol by eight to 12%. However, if you eat a few nuts a day, it’ll reduce bad cholesterol in your body as well.

Help you feel better during pregnancy

In case you’re pregnant, it is important that you should eat a few almonds every day as Vitamin D is necessary for a woman during the pregnancy period. These nuts are very beneficial for both a woman and her baby, especially when the fetus is in The stage of developing slower than normal.

Almonds are rich in folic acids that guard the mother against any form of birth defects. Folic acid plays a key role in the formation of healthy cell growth and also aids in the life cycle of a growing fetus. Pregnant women who ingest and eat almonds can help protect their babies from developing any form of birth defects.

They are natural anesthetics

When it comes to any form of injury or opening that leads to the release of blood, the stitching of your skin, plucking of the tooth, or so forth, almond oil can play a crucial or key role such that it can heal as an anesthetic. Almonds or almond oil has a toxic compound called glycoside amygdalin that makes your nerves insensitive and so you will be unable to feel pain or may feel numb once this is applied. Also, note that you can apply bitter almond oil only as an anesthetic and not for other purposes.

Reduce the risk of cancer

American biochemist Edwin Krebs postulated the theory that cancer is a disease of a deficiency in vitamins. More precisely, according to him, cancer is an illness caused by a deficiency of certain B vitamins. Almonds are an excellent pack of vitamin B and flavonoids that lower the chances of breast cancer. Also, these nuts are greatly essential in boron which helps avoid prostate cancer.

Almonds help in mental alertness

When almonds are combined with milk they become very nutritious in potassium. This is one of the major minerals that boost the number of electrolytes in the human body, thus providing the body with more energy. When there are enough electrolytes in the body, your memory flow also aggregates and this can happen through the intake of almond milk. Simply put, almond milk boosts your memory sharpness.

Helps With Type Two Diabetes

When you’ve been examined with type 2 diabetes, it can be a difficult situation to change your diet and understand what you can and can’t eat to best control your blood sugar. Almonds are very much recommended to eat. While research conducted showed no benefit in insulin sensitivity by eating almonds, other research has found significant effects.

For example, 65 grown-ups with prediabetes were placed strictly under a 16-week American Diabetes Association–compliant meal in which 20 percent of calories came from 2 oz of almonds daily. They were examined with a control group that stayed nut-free, those who had almonds improved their insulin sensitivity and reduced their diabetes level and cholesterol.

Improves your diet

If you do one thing for your well-being today, let it be to eat a modest bunch of almonds. For sure, research proposes that further developing your eating regimen can be just about as simple as adding almonds to your day. A little investigation of 29 guardians and their youngsters who ate 1.5 and 0.5 oz of almonds or almond spread, individually, for a very long time saw their eating routine work on contrasts and a benchmark research group. The nuts likewise impacted members’ microbiota (especially in youngsters); this assortment of microorganisms in the stomach assumes a part in immune health and well-being. Likewise, adding almonds to their eating regimen didn’t expand the aggregate sum of calories that members consumed, as they probably ate fewer snacks.

Helps with inflammation

Research distributed in Europe.  Journal of Nourishment recommends that the consolidation of almonds into your eating routine can assist with diminishing irritation and oxidative pressure in the body.

Many individuals partner “fat” with something negative, yet as a matter of fact, certain unsaturated fats are fundamental for development, improvement, and general health and well-being. The body can’t make its unsaturated fats, which is the reason we want to get them from dietary sources.

The two vital unsaturated fats are linoleic and linolenic acids. These unsaturated fats assist with diminishing inflammation by and large around the body, which is a general condition from which individuals might suffer. Unsaturated fats additionally assist with diminishing the degrees of cholesterol, and they advance solid skin and hair! All things considered, these nuts pack a strong, solid bunch of these nutrients.


Strengthening our health is very important to us human beings, this is one of the few reasons why we digest different nutrients and minerals from various foods just to keep up with basic health standards. Almonds are a very good source of basic nutrients and can be used as a good complement to our regular diets. It is extremely important to take note that even with the numerous nutrients present in this rare gem, it is very necessary to be cautious when consuming them, overconsumption could have side effects and should be consumed with precision to maintain its health benefits. In situations where side effects occur it is advised to visit a dietician or a medical practitioner for help and advice. Remember that your health is your wealth!

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