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How To Lose Weight While You Sleep – Earthlydiets

How to lose weight while you sleep

What’s one thing you wish to have, but don’t want to work for? A beautiful house or a car? Well. for most people keeping in shape is one of the things they wish for with the desire not to do much to achieve it. It’s true there are some foods that can help you lose weight with time and yes, exercise is also one of the ways to lose weight but one question is how many people engage in doing exercise every morning not much but with sleep, you have no choice than to give your body that rests it deserves after the day work.

Don’t you think it’s easier to lose weight while you sleep? It’s okay to wonder if it’s possible to lose weight while sleeping a lot of people have gone through this and it has proof you can be the next. Before that know that there’s no weight loss practice that comes easy and as such, it takes time and effort.

Today we will be showing you the 12 ways how to lose weight while you sleep without stress. Keeping our bodies in shape is very important. Some people might be curious to know if they have to sleep every now and then for these to work well no, it doesn’t require that. Two for two you’re on a roll so let’s do the impossible and combine them.

How To Lose Weight While You Sleep - Earthlydiets


Much research has been carried out as to the best practices that could help you lose weight easily. Some of the ways as observed by research are;

1. Increase Your Metabolism

You know how some people can eat whatever they want, skip the gym and still not gain any weight, their enviable magic likely comes down to this butterfly-shaped gland in the neck called the thyroid. The thyroid is the powerhouse of your metabolism. It transmits and transports hormones that control how well your body burns the calories you take in. It fuels your body’s natural fat-burning machine by giving it what it wants like foods that are rich in iodine, zinc, and selenium. Those include iodized salt, seaweed, meat, shellfish, and Brazil nuts.

2. Drinking Enough Water

Chug that water into your body regularly. Good regular h2o offers you a 10 to 30% metabolic boost, in particularly cold water. As medical research displays, cold water forces your body frame to burn extra energy. Since your body has to produce enough heat to cool the water you get that and help keep the water in your stomach warmer. Six to 8 cups of water an afternoon could be sufficient to grow your resting metabolism to about 50 percent In the afternoon. In other words, you’ll be burning fat while resting.

Staying hydrated is fundamental to dropping weight. Many humans mistake symptoms of dehydration for hunger and consume food whilst they’re thirsty alternatively of having a drink. When you drink masses of water for the day, you may keep away from dehydration. Drinking water, especially earlier before a meal, also can assist you to consume less. When you drink a massive glass of water earlier than eating, you’ll usually consume fewer calories. If you update sugary liquids with water, you’ll see even more weight loss.

3. Taking Cold Showers

Just like drinking water, the same concept works with the water you’re bathing in. If it’s less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your body tries to keep warm by producing more heat. This speeds up your metabolism and you burn more calories and lose weight without exercise.

A study from the National Institutes of Health found that showers below 70 degrees increase metabolism by 93%. That number increases to 350%  when the water is at 57 degrees. Always have a five-minute cold shower and increase your exposure time by a minute every week.

4. Having Enough Sleep

If you can handle it, snooze. All That Jazz about higher resting metabolism. But just sleeping for eight hours gets rid of 300 calories on its own. Plus when you don’t get enough sleep. Your body needs more energy if it doesn’t get it from sleeping. It’ll look for it from food. Your hormonal levels get all messed up and your body starts producing more hunger hormones and fewer fullness hormones.

A study took a handful of healthy adults and asked them to sleep for just six hours a day for five weeks. The result? Their resting metabolism slowed down by a percent and allowed them to lose weight even faster.

5. Lower the room temperature

When you’re cold, your body will need to burn fuel in the form of fat to stay warm and that fuel is calories. So the colder it is, the more calories it’ll be able to burn and the more your body’s ability to produce heat hormones which in turn helps you lose weight. The best way to do it is to turn the air conditioner down to 65 degrees while you take a rest. Your body will be doing all the work while you’re off in dreamland. Just be sure you don’t put on too many clothes to stay warm. Otherwise, the only benefit you’ll see is in your electric bill.

6. Use of Low-Fat oils

Change the oil, not the recipe. No need to give up fried food. Instead of staying away from fried foods, it’s better to change your cooking oil to something healthier, like coconut or palm kernel oil. Research shows that people who had two tablespoons of coconut oil in their breakfast aren’t as hungry during lunch and they have less of an appetite later in the afternoon. These two oils are also broken down and absorbed quickly into the body and they help your metabolism get the job done faster. Using low-fat oil increases your body’s ability to lose weight easily without exercising and even while you sleep.

7. Eat Spicy Meals

Spice things up with your meals. Add chilies, jalapenos, and pepperonis to your diet. Spicy and peppery foods usually are rich in a nutrient called capsaicin. That’s what has you reaching for the milk when you eat super spicy stuff. Anyway, it can help your metabolism move faster. Spicy foods also decrease your appetite and allow you to lose weight easily. That slice of spicy pizza for dinner will make you feel fuller for longer and you won’t get hungry again before bed.  

8. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet

Season with apple cider vinegar. It’s been proven that people who added apple cider vinegar to their diet have 200 fewer calories every day. That’s because it’s oppressing the part of their brain that controls appetite, so they didn’t feel as hungry. It also lowers the level and quantity of fat buildup in the body. So adding just one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your salad can kickstart your metabolism and keep it from slowing down.

9. Eat Complex Carbs

Eat carbs, your muscles use them to speed up your metabolism. Here’s how it goes. Let’s say you’re eating complex carbs. That could be a bowl of whole-grain pasta or oatmeal. Your body breaks down those carbs into sugar to give your body enough energy. If that sugar isn’t used, it gets stored as fat. The fuel is used as energy to keep you going and allows your body to lose weight easily. Bodybuilders take about 50% more carbs to fuel their workouts and their metabolism is 14% Faster than average.

10. Munch on those proteins

Your body breaks down more calories to refine protein than it does while breaking down carbs and fats. As an example, you eat 200 grams of chicken breast which contains 330 calories. Your body will burn 99 of those calories just from digesting though if you were to eat a chocolate bar, the calories would just add up. Protein also helps you build muscle. This brings me to my next point at the gym.

It is important to take note that If protein isn’t exercised your body turns it into fat. So even though ingesting protein is beneficial to your body, you must control what your body does with it. Strength training with weights or just bodyweight exercises can make your muscles bigger and tone muscles burn 50 calories a day when you’re just lying around besides muscle building, do some high-intensity workouts.

A study that was conducted by a group of researchers observed young overweight men doing high-intensity workouts for 12 weeks. Their fat level went down by four pounds and their belly reduced by 17%. Doing nothing and sleeping are great and all but if you want your body to burn those calories and lose weight while you’re lying around regular workouts will do it. Besides, you’ll have nice toned muscles as a bonus.

11. Add fiber to your diet

Fiber is present in foods like oats, berries, broccoli, beans, and nuts. boost metabolism, period. Maybe you eat and crave unhealthy foods but you at least combine them with some beans, apples, and strawberries. When that fiber gets to your digestive system, it prevents your body from storing excess fat. Foods rich in fiber also take more time to do so you’ll also feel fuller for longer. Don’t cut your calories.

There’s a myth that if you eat fewer calories, your body will trigger your metabolism as soon as it senses food in your stomach. Well, it’s the opposite. When you don’t eat enough as needed by your body, your body limits its functions to save energy. Then it’ll feed on those muscles you work so hard to build and it’ll store more fat. Since your body considers fat an insulator to protect the organs.

12. Don`t eliminate “junk food”—simply devour much less of it

It sounds simple, and it is. Eating a bit much less of the highest-calorie ingredients you gravitate closer to lets you scale back without preventing your herbal tendencies, Dr. Seltzer says. So even though you shouldn’t surrender potato chips altogether, in case you generally devour luggage a day, you`ll need to devour one each different day. This unmarried alternative may be simply sufficient to create a calorie deficit that in the end impacts the scale.


Losing weight may be tremendously difficult. For the ordinary man, sticking to a strict weight-reduction plan and exercising regime is almost not possible to do even as balancing the needs of labor and family. Not to mention, weight-reduction plans and exercising won’t even be effective if finished incorrectly. Fortunately, there may be a higher manner to lose a life-converting quantity of weight without extreme bodily activity. Always remember that your diet is responsible for 70% of your weight loss and 30 % of exercise, so if you want to lose your weight without exercise even while you sleep you need to maintain a healthy diet. Remember to always consult with your dietician for recommendations on the best foods to help you maintain a healthy weight.

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