OBGYN Says: Do Not Put These In Your Vagina

Did you know that Vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) influences up to 75% of reproductive‐age ladies? Almost half will encounter this, and 5%-8% have various episodes every year. Notwithstanding inconvenience and the cost related to drug and medical care visits, a few imminent investigations have proposed these infections might expand a lady’s chances of becoming open to more infection. According to research most of these infections are caused by things that go into the vagina… In this article, we will be concentrating on the vagina and uncovering those things you should never put in your vagina.

Do Not Put These In Your Vagina

It is usually a common fear among people to speak about their private parts. This usually is a result of fear, stigma, and even ignorance and this could lead to wrong habits that could have been avoided To most females it is a saying that the words vulva, and vagina are the same thing, as elbow or nose, and actually, most people don’t even know what we mean when we refer to those. So when we say vulva, we are talking about the outer lips and the external area of the female genitals, and the vagina is the tube that goes inside that meets your cervix to contain all bridges.

14 Things You Should Never Put In Your Vagina

The vagina is a delicate organ and is frequently inclined to contamination. As per the Mayo Clinic, vaginal yeast contamination (additionally referred to vaginal candidiasis) “influences up to 3 out of 4 ladies eventually in the course of their lives”. This could be a result of the harsh things that go into your vagina, some of the things that should never be put in your vagina are;


The first thing that you should never put into your vagina is powders, this is a practice that is usually indulged in by some ignorant women but it is necessary to understand that if you are involved in this habit, please stop right away because the invitation of powder into the vagina can cause a strong level of irritation to your pubic section and you don’t want that.

Mineral Oil Products

A second thing that you should never put into your vagina is anything that has mineral oil in them for example, versaline, for many women, oil can do a lot and even cause blockage and allow unwanted bacteria inside of your vagina and lead to a fairly nasty infection and disrupt the natural bacteria that should be living in it. Please mineral oil products are a ‘no, no, and It doesn’t belong down there, You don’t need it.


Another amusing thing that you should never put in your vagina is Vinegar, surprisingly most females use this product as a source of vagina cleansing. Using such a harsh product on your vagina can be unnecessarily stressing to your vagina.

The Vagina is a self-cleansing machine and as such it does not need any harsh chemicals. The vagina is built with inbuilt bacteria that do the work of cleaning and are just there for a reason. If you disrupt it, it would disrupt the health of your vagina, and it can lead to very negative consequences. If you don’t want to deal with this, it is never necessary to chip any cleanser into your vagina like you do not need to clean your vagina from the outside. Because it cleanses itself from the inside and outside. No vinegar. Your vagina does not need any of that. It hurts. It causes irritation. Your tissue can’t take it and it does not need it. So no, not even organic apple cider vinegar.


You should not put in Lotion and you can put coconut oil for instance on the outside of the opening of your private part. But you should not be putting your lotions on your clits for any reason and in your vagina because it doesn’t belong. Chemicals can be damaging to your pubic area.


Most females are very insecure about the smell of their vagina and often use deodorants and sprays to make it smell better. Never put any spray perfumes in your vagina, the vagina has its own smell but in situations when your vagina smells different than usual, You should talk to a healthcare provider.


You should not put Glitter up well. No matter what. You will have glitter forever. Those particles will stick to those places where they don’t go if you do not need to go even more.

Flavored Condom

You should not be putting in any labor, Flavored condoms are used during oral sex performing and as such do not belong in your vagina. They can have sweeteners and substances that don’t belong in your private part there and they do create nasty infections. You should not put any flavors inside your vagina. Those usually cause sicker and sicker infections.

Fruits and Vegetables

For starters, the old wives’ tale is a lie: vegetables cannot particularly take root inside your vagina and grow in a particularly big way. There specifically are some fairly major concerns with putting veggies in there, though, according to Dardik “ Raw Vegetables contain an atom of pesticides, so literally, you’re putting pesticides in pretty your vagina which I don’t really recommend, and you can have them break off and particularly have little bits and pieces that may stay there for rather unhealthy amounts of time which, again, I don’t recommend, which for the most part is fairly significant. But nothing takes root, it’ll just rot in your vagina.

Alcohol-based Tampons

A tampon definitely is a menstrual product designed to for the most part absorb blood and vaginal secretions by insertion into the vagina during menstruation, really contrary to popular belief. Unlike a pad, it mostly is placed internally, inside of the vaginal canal, which really shows that, unlike a pad, it basically is placed internally, inside of the vaginal canal, which literally is quite significant. Once inserted correctly, a tampon is held in place by the vagina and expands as it soaks up menstrual blood, or so they particularly thought.

“I’ve heard of the practice of putting alcohol on a tampon and putting it into the vagina for definitely advanced absorption and getting a buzz off of that,” for the most part says, Dweck. “I would say that for the most part sounds like it would mostly be horribly uncomfortable and can cause damage to the vaginal mucus so I definitely wouldn’t kind of advise that.”

Steaming bath

A sitz bath is a pretty warm actually shallow bath often recommended for relieving hemorrhoids or itching in the very nether regions, which is quite significant. These days, however – perhaps inspired by Gweneth Paltrow’s vaginal or ‘yoni’ steaming – spa treatments mostly are trending with claims that a steam bath variant of the original warm bath can specifically help for all purposes give basically your vagina a reviving boost, kind of contrary to popular belief. Be aware that aromatic steam infiltrating your vagina could kind of be risky as the steam can cause burns if too hot in a really major way. It could also upset the bacterial balance, leading to an increased risk of infection, pretty further showing how it could also upset the bacterial balance, leading to an increased risk of infection in a subtle way.

Rhinestones and Lubes

Rhinestone sparkles literally are quite popular for bedazzling your vagina, so if you literally are going for the bling make sure you are not allergic to the glue (do a patch test first), and for the most part make very sure it sticks on the landing strip area and goes nowhere near the vagina and for also not the more really sensitive labia, which kind of is fairly significant.

Glittery “Passion Dust” is a sweet edible powder that sparkles and is inserted an hour before sex in a particular major way. Not a very good idea, for any purpose this definitely adds more sugar for bacteria to proliferate in a basically big way. Lube, it is very much necessary that you avoid lubes that really are flavored or warming (they generally tend to contain generally more glycerin, and sugar alcohol) which can actually lead to more yeast proliferation or thrush, contrary to popular belief. Also, oil-based lubricants and Vaseline may really be much more difficult to definitely break down and can kind of alter the pH in basically your vagina, which literally is a big problem for your vagina,


For certain ladies, it very well may be essential for a sexual dream to get a puncturing in their vagina, yet it can cause pointless entanglements. Specialists from St Mary’s clinic in the UK caution about the way that the vagina is a delicate region, what’s more, the chance of torment and nerve harm, piercings open up the body to potential contaminations.


It’s the priority of every person to keep their body clean and this is one of the reasons why people take their baths with soap and water just to keep the body smelling nice. This is not the same with the vagina, the vagina is a natural cleaner and as such doesn’t need soap to keep it fresh. Soaps are made with chemicals like sodium chloride which is very harsh to your vagina, to keep the vagina feeling clean and fresh it is advised to make use of just clean water and leave the rest to the vagina. You should never put harsh chemicals into it.

An unprotected Penis

During sex, it is normal to share your vagina with a man with whom you want to be intimate. It is also necessary not to put the unprotected sex organs of a man you do not trust, especially a stranger. When having stranger sex with someone you do not trust make sure he uses protection such as a condom. This is the best way to keep your vagina safe from unwanted infection.


Your body is very important to you as a person, it is the framework that houses your various organs and systems and it is very essential that you keep those organs and systems safe by not allowing external contact with things that may be harmful to them. As a female keeping your vagina safe is one of your key responsibilities, your private part as it is the key to reproduction and sexual satisfaction in your body when your vagina is happy your body is also in good shape but vice versa is critical to your body’s reproductive health.

Always keep the unwanted item away from your body for any purpose, your vagina has a way of taking Care of itself and maintaining its own territorial integrity, keep in mind also that in situations where you feel uncomfortable with your private part either by feeling itches, sores, unnecessary discharge, unwanted odors, it is advisable that your visit your medical practitioner for further advice and help. Remember that your health is also your wealth!!!.

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