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What Are The Top Thirty Things I Should Experience In Life

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What are the top thirty things I should experience in life, was a mail I received, though it says ten things, as I thought about it I realize I have more than ten so I thought to share. It may sound personal or being opinionated but I can say that they are some of the things I have experienced and some that I look forward to experiencing. One beautiful thing about life as I will want to call it is that, some of this things do not happen to one person, it happens in same way or different way in peoples life. So if I am asked what are the top thirty things I have, should or would want to experience in life, well they will include;

1. Love someone unconditionally – love is a beautiful thing, you feel more alive when you do and most especially when its being reciprocated.

2. Travel alone: Traveling alone even if it’s in your own country, It makes you vigilant and you would get to know more and appreciate other culture and traditions. It also gives you different perspective about life, yourself and about the world around you.

3. Listen to the music you Love and dance alone to it.

4. Take your parents out for a fancy dinner with your own money – it gives you the feeling of contentment.

5. Try to bring a smile on the face of a child- the feeling is overwhelming.

6. Dance like a child in the rain, People who are prone to cold may find this difficult or weird, but doing this relief you from some stress.

7. Buy your favorite food and donate it to a homeless stranger.

8. Plant a seed and watch it grow, it gives you a feeling of fulfillment when your plant grows, Satisfaction because your patience paid off and joy. Gardening is good for the health, Its helps develop or grow our mindset.

9. Get up early and experience the feel of first sunlight has Vitamin D is released as well.

10. Experience in a day without TV, internet, smart phone in a bit.

11. If you are stuck in a situation with no way out, always listen to your heart it knows every possible solution in the world or ask questions.

12. Feed homeless people, a little kindness goes a long way.

13. Help any stray animal you come across, doesn’t necessarily has to be yours, just turn a listening ear, it might seem odd but nature has a way of rewarding you for this

14. Heartbreak:- Yes! This might come as a shocker to some. Heartbreak is not something you make happen specially if you were truly in-love, and no one would want to experience it but if it eventually does happen, embrace yourself. It makes your heart stronger and to understand that the world is not a cinch, also you will be more emotionally intelligent.

15. Failure:- Just like heartbreak no one wants to experience any failure, which is not bad,  I wouldn’t wish that to anyone, but when one fails it opens your eyes to what success really is and means. It will also help you to know how much the people around you really care about you.

16. Give your Mum and Dad a hug! Any lady who gives birth for the first time for an example  comes to understand the sacrifice their Mum made in order to bring them to life, Same goes to guys who becomes a father. As a child to your parent, be it married or single, old or young, a strong bond is being created when we give our parent a hug.

17.  Joy of Success: Experiencing the joy of success is not a feeling that words can easily explain, it worth the sacrifice.

18.  Enjoy reasonable good health all through your Life.

19. Learn a new language: Learning a new language aside the ones you know gives you an edge not only that, it deepens your connections to other culture, it feeds your brains by improving you memory, It advance your career, it boost your confidence and you gain perspective.

20. Resilience: Being resilient does not mean that people do not experience stress or suffering but being resilient means working through the pain and suffering to overcome hardship, it gives you the strength needed to work through the problems. To enjoy the benefit of resiliency, know who you are, where you’ve being and know where you are going then issue will turn gradually into success.

21. Self – belief:- awaken the reckless invincible in you that is ready to take on any challenge – Believe in yourself.

22. Live alone:- living alone, though not everyone would like to but it  gives a different experience in life, it is a feeling everyone should experience, Living alone also helps in self development and improvement, you would grow stronger emotionally and  it make you realize the value of living together with people.

23. Take a day out and fast, it help you appreciate the value of food. Yes it is not easy to go a day without food despite having the money to get lots of it, at the end of the fast your perception about food and most importantly the privileges you have will change and be valued.

24. Try learning a new skill :  You could never tell how good you can be with it and it gives you an option.

25. Wealth: Wealth is not everything, but having money is almost everything. Having money gives you choice. Having money can also make most of your wish come through. It also makes life better or easier by giving you an edge above others.

26. Laughter:-  Laughter is good for the body, aside the fact that it takes your pains away at the moment it also refreshes the body . Everyone deserves to laugh their Hearts out a on a daily basis.

27. Good Friends:- Having a good friend in your life is very important, they make going through difficult times easy. Someone who will always be there for you through thick and thin of life, someone who knows how to correct you in love and cheers you on when cast down is necessary.

28. Doing something for yourself :- when you do something for yourself you get a self responsible feeling or more independent feeling that makes you feel joyful

29. Dropping a tear when you watch a scene in a movie. This may sound weird to some but doing this not only help cleanse your eyes, it also shows how harmless you can be.

30. Reading Books:- Reading a book gives you a lot of meaning in life. It keeps your mind young, healthy and sharp . It also  develop ones imagination and allows us to dream and think in a way that we would have not been able to.


Aside this listed above there are more amazing and inspiring things everyone need to experience in life. Life is not a bed of roses as they said and doing some of these things keeps you going and make life worth living. Let me know in the comment section below how many of those listed have you experienced and how you felt about them and your own at least top 10 or 5 things I should experience in life.

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