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How to lose belly fat fast for men

‘Summer body’ may be a term commonly associated with women; however, a study carried out by Chapman University revealed that about 40% of men have growing insecurities about their overall physical appearance, size, weight, and/or muscle tone, with 80% of that population are especially concerned and have googled ‘ How to lose belly fat fast for men. Away from well-defined muscles, sculpted chest and broad shoulders, one of the first steps to leading a generally healthier lifestyle is by losing abdominal fat. Losing belly fat is a general weight loss goal. Health practitioners have over the years suggested the possibility of abdominal fat and diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases having a strong link therefore this type of fat can be particularly harmful.

How to lose belly fat fast for men

Numbers obtained after measuring waist circumference can indicate if your doctor may recommend abdominal fat weight loss. Numbers above 40 cm as waist circumference may be called abdominal obesity. A tape can be used to measure the circumference around the waist(a little above your belly button).

Belly fat may be described as the most difficult type to lose because unlike other types of body fat, it involves lifestyle changes like exercising, consuming fewer calories, dieting, and sheer determination. We have put together 5 fast evidence-based weight-loss strategies that help target fat cells in the belly area more than other areas of the body.

1. Ditch carbonated drinks and sugar

A complex of fructose and glucose forms sugars. Artificial and added sugars in diet slow down the body’s metabolic rate especially that of catabolism leaving a harmful sequel. The build-up of fat around the liver and stomach area is caused by slow catabolism mostly due to the large amounts of fructose. It is common knowledge that consuming foods that contain a lot of sugars or artificial sweeteners are not healthy.

These kinds of foods have been strongly linked to various health problems ranging from unhealthy weight gain down to diabetes mellitus. It can also lead to liver damage because the liver converts fructose to fat. A buildup of fat around the liver leads to non-alcoholic liver disease (NAFLD) and in severe cases causes liver cirrhosis. Eating too much processed sugar and high-fructose foods overloads the liver with fructose, causing a fatty buildup in the liver. Studies have revealed that sugar is as damaging as alcohol to the liver, and this is not tied to weight. This is another reason to replace foods with added sugars, like candy, pastries, and soda with fresh fruits and whole grains which contain plenty of fiber and cushion the negative effects of excess fructose.

The main process behind sugars’ harmful effect on health is linked to fatty buildup in the liver. This buildup increases abdominal fat, liver fat, slow metabolism, and insulin resistance which leads to various metabolic diseases. Sugars in liquid form have been said to be far worse as the brain does not record the intake of liquid calories with the same measure it uses for solid calories. Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages or soda leaves you with more calories than you bargained for. Ditch high-sugar sports drinks, artificial fruit juices, sugar-sweetened beverages, and sugary soda and consider replacing them with water, drinks containing caffeine, and low-fat eliminating sugary drinks.

2. Reduce carbohydrates consumption

One of the most effective ways to lose abdominal fat fast is by cutting back on carb intake, this has been supported by a lot of studies over the years. Cutting carbs in the diet reduces appetite, and water weight, and leads to a loss in overall body weight which is why people see the difference on a scale within the first  1–2 days.

Research has indicated that eating low-carb diets reduces fat in the abdomen and around the organs and liver.  It is very important to avoid adding refined carbs like sugar, or even white bread into your diet. During processing, refined carbs are stripped of their germ and bran this leads to an end product that is low in nutrients,  and fiber and has a high glycemic index. Eating foods low in fiber and a high glycemic index leads to fluctuating blood sugar levels. Unstable blood sugar level increases calorie intake by making you hungry this results in uncontrolled eating, unnecessary belly fat, and a lower metabolism rate. Adopting low-carb diets has a lot of health benefits including reducing the risk of diabetes and playing a significant role in weight loss. Integrating low-carb foods like whole grains like oats, barley, quinoa, whole-wheat pasta, and brown bread into the diet results in chipping off some belly fat, overall body weight loss, and lowers Body Mass Index (BMI).

3. Drink More Water

Drinking water as often as possible due to several reasons: It aids the kidneys function of detoxification whereby waste is removed through urine and Water leaves your blood vessels open and unclogged, allowing blood to travel freely to your kidneys and deliver essential nutrients

This relationship between water and the kidney is an important one as the kidney plays important roles like waste removal, detoxification, balancing of minerals, and controlling blood pressure. Research has shown that most health challenges and diseases can be traced to the malfunctioning of the kidney. Water is the healthiest drink option and it ensures the body functions maximally both physically and mentally.

Replace your soda cravings with creative and healthy methods of drinking water like Infusing fruits, mint, or vegetables into the water for extra healthy flavoring. Sparkling water is another option if water is boring to you. You may not like it at first but it will grow on you!

4. Try fiber-rich foods

Dietary fiber is a type of indigestible plant matter and an important nutrient that facilitates fat loss in the abdomen. Fiber is one of the most overlooked and least appreciated food nutrients. They are a class of carbohydrates that cannot be digested by the gut. Depending on their ability to dissolve in water, they are said to be soluble or insoluble.

Certain types of soluble fiber significantly affect health, metabolism, and weight. Fiber makes one feel full and reduces hunger and food cravings, which translates to losing weight through calorie deficit which is more calories leave the body through physical activities compared to calories consumed. Fiber and other foods that reduce appetite, and decrease calorie intake also. With less appetite, it is possible to lose weight fast and easily without even having to think about it.

5. Lift weights, Do cardio, and HIIT regularly

The need to adjust to an exercise schedule during a weight loss journey is a necessity. Being physically active is one piece of health advice that cuts through from children to the elderly due to its ability to increase chances of living a longer, healthier life and evading a long list of possible health problems. Staying physically active also lowers blood sugar, reduces inflammation, and lowers the risk of other metabolic problems linked to excess abdominal fat.

It is important to remember that losing fat in just one place is not feasible however repeating routines targeted at the abdomen to help reduce abdominal fat. A study shows that 6 weeks of training targeted at just the abdominal muscles had a measurable effect on waist circumference or the amount of fat in the abdominal cavity. Cardiovascular activities like jogging, running, walking, and swimming, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and weight training are the fastest ways to burn belly fat very fast.  Including HIIT and cardiovascular activities for 20 minutes per week into your exercise routines has been shown to reduce belly fat by 17% in about 3 months.

There’s no need for fancy equipment or a gym membership to find a suitable exercise routine for you. Dedicate a time of your day for exercise. It can be a simple run after or before work, walking with your pet, or a daily morning walk. Create a comfortable routine that would make sure you exercise daily and are physically active. It strengthens the muscles and bones, and prevents you from sudden types of personal injuries during a workout or running your daily errands.

If you have the time and can afford a gym membership do not hesitate to do that. Gyms have professional instructors that help and guide you through workout routines that suit you especially for lifting weights.

Whether you perform HIIT workouts or take the stairs, the most important thing is to be active regularly, and get a mix of cardiovascular exercise and resistance (strength) exercise into your routine. Exercise offers so many health benefits and it is very essential to improving health.

We have outlined above how to lose belly fat for men, here are some other suggestions:

  • Extended fasting (at least 24 hours without eating) and eating the next day can lead to about 7% of total body weight.
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Eating more protein effectively reduces cravings, boosts metabolism, and curbs hunger levels which makes an effective way to lose abdominal fat.


Belly fat has been strongly linked to various health conditions, increasing the risk of developing certain health problems. linked to an increased risk of certain diseases. It is therefore important to take key lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet packed with lean protein, vegetables and fruit, and legumes, and exercising regularly to lose abdominal fat.

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