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The Trained Memory By Warren Hilton Pdf

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The Trained Memory By Warren Hilton Pdf
The Trained Memory By  Warren Hilton Pdf

Download The Trained Memory By Warren Hilton Pdf book free online – from The Trained Memory By Warren Hilton Pdf book; A man may own a tract of land for many years without knowing its value.

He may think of it as merely a pasture. But one day he discovers evidences of coal and finds a rich vein beneath his land. While mining and prospecting for coal he discovers deposits of granite. In boring for water he strikes oil. Later he discovers a vein of copper ore, and after that silver and gold. These things were there all the time—even when he thought of his land merely as a pasture. But they have a value only when they are discovered and utilized.”

“Not every pasture contains deposits of silver and gold, neither oil nor “Acres of Diamonds” granite, nor even coal. But beneath the surface of every man there must be, in the nature of things, a latent capacity greater than has yet been discovered. And one discovery must lead to another until the man finds the deep wealth of his own possibilities. History is full of the acts of men who discovered somewhat of their own capacity; but history has yet to record the man who fully discovered all that he might have been.”

You who are a bit vain of your visits to other lands, your wide reading, your experience of men and things; you who secretly lament that so little of what you have seen and read remains with you, behold, your “acres of diamonds” are within you, needing but the mystic formula that shall reveal the treasure!

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