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Nature Cure By Henry Lindlahr Pdf

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Nature Cure By Henry Lindlahr Pdf
Nature Cure By  Henry Lindlahr Pdf

Here you can download Nature Cure By Henry Lindlahr Pdf book free online – from Nature Cure By Henry Lindlahr Pdf book; Their success undoubtedly is based on the fact that they concentrate their best efforts on preventive instead of combative methods of treating disease.

People are beginning to realize that it is cheaper and more advantageous to prevent disease than to cure it. To create and maintain continuous, buoyant good health means greater efficiency for mental and physical work; greater capacity for the true enjoyment of life, and the best insurance against failure and poverty. Therefore, he who builds health is of greater value to humanity than he who allows people to drift into disease through ignorance of Nature’s laws, and then attempts to cure them by doubtful and uncertain combative methods.

It is said that in China the physician is hired and paid by the year; that he receives a certain stipend as long as the members of the family are in good health, but that the salary is suspended as long as one of his charges is ill.

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