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What Your Blood Type Says About You

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What Your Blood Type Says About You

While most people do not liken possible personality traits to blood type, the Japanese believe what your blood type says about you matters. The term “Ketsueki-gata” refers to blood type personality testing. A Japanese professor Tokeji Furukawa published a paper titled A study of temperament and blood groups in 1930 asserting that a person’s blood type says a lot about individual personalities. This paper fueled the popularity of this claim although there has been no scientific backing.

What Your Blood Type Says About You

Tokaji Furukawa’s finding had shaky evidence although it has a foundation in the old Greek mythology on temperaments. It developed deep roots in Japanese culture and is still very dominant today. He died in 1940 without providing more scientific insight into this theory. Another Japanese, named Masahiko Nomi a journalist, in the 1970s backed Furukawa’s claim by publishing a Japanese best-selling book in 1971 titled “Understanding Affinity by Blood Type”, and it became a runaway bestseller in Japan. She also published other books on this topic that offer guidance, predictions, and life advice based on blood type.

The “Ketsueki-gata”

Personality typing usually suggests that social behaviors are predetermined- majorly, a person may be incapable of controlling their reaction to certain things and interactions with other personality types can be figured out to produce desired results.

The ketsueki-gata asserts it offers explanations and guides to handle relationships- work, family, interpersonal and romantic. It claims to provide explanations for different circumstances a person may face.

Visiting Japan soon? Don’t be surprised if you are asked your blood group as they are quite fond of asking the blood type of other people. Some of the locals still use it as a yardstick to measure the output of a potential employee or the compatibility of a couple getting married. They claim it is absolutely true and works for them. You may also find this theory quite interesting.

The Science

Through scientific studies, there are 4 primary blood types that may be further broken into 8 types. Each blood type carries a specific antigen on the surface of the red blood cells. Blood types are differentiated based on the antigen on the red blood cells.

These antigens are responsible for how effective the human immune system is and has thus created a connection and research base between health patterns and blood types. Science has only proven that your family history and ethnic background can be ascertained through your blood but for personality? It’s not quite clear

The ABO blood typing system has 4 main blood types:

  1. AB ( has both A and B antigens)
  2. A, (has the A antigen)
  3. B, (has the B antigen)
  4. O, (has no antigen)

Blood type health predictions

Blood group A

  • Compared with types O and B, there’s a 20% higher chance of people in this blood group developing stomach cancer
  • Mosquitos are less attracted to this blood type
  • Risk of about 5% more of developing heart diseases when compared to other types

Blood group B

  • Prone to more bacterial infections than other types as they have over 50,000 times strains of friendly bacteria that can easily mutate or become infectious
  • Increased risk of heart disease of about 11% higher than type O
  • Women with this group. type A and AB are at a higher risk of ovarian cancer
  • Can receive blood from types B, AB, and O

Blood group O

  • Universal blood donors
  • Low risk of dying from malaria or developing pancreatic cancer
  • Mosquitos are very attracted to this blood type
  • Higher risk of Achilles tendon rupture
  • Increased chances of stomach ulcers

Blood group AB

  • Higher chances of developing heart disease when compared with type O
  • Pregnant women with this blood type have an increased risk of developing preeclampsia

Ketsueki-Gata Personalities Associated With Blood Types

Blood group A

The Ketsueki-gata hold that people with blood type A are responsible, reserved, sensitive, cooperative, sensible, emotional, passionate, and creative. Because they are reserved, they are also peace-loving and do not engage in fights or become physical, they care about societal rules, acceptable values and do not like breaking the rules. They are also very understanding, patient, loyal, and earnest. Although they can get touchy and easily irritable.

They are very organized, obsessed with neatness, carefully make decisions, cannot multitask but show a level of organisation and dedication to tasks. Most people with Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) fall under this blood type. The involuntarily urge to make things perfect can make them stressed easily and have high levels of cortisol (stress) hormone. They tend to hide their true emotions, especially with unfamiliar people, and are loyal friends.

Personality traits: Kind, organized, neat, shy, attentive, trustworthy, polite, reliable, petulant, perfectionist, responsible, timid, anxious, composed, reserved, responsible, loyal, organized, consistent, obsessive, touchy,  pessimistic, stubborn, tensed, and fastidious.

Blood group B

This group of people can be erratic, they take decisions very quickly. They can be very thoughtful, good at multitasking, and really emphatic. These people are usually very creative and authoritative. are very creative and quick decision-makers. They  do not easily succumb to authority or take orders easily. They can be very focused when they have a goal and are good drivers They want the very best out of something therefore they pour their all into it, with a very strong desire to succeed and be seen as the best in everything they do.

They do not have the spirit of sportsmanship and are poor at multitasking. They can come off as selfish and bullish hence may face societal disapproval. They do not have a lot of friends because they are easily misunderstood.

Personality traits: Curious, unforgiving, passionate strong, relaxed, stubborn creative, adventurous, cheerful, fun-loving, active nature, creative, strong, selfish, irresponsible, unforgiving, erratic will, erratic, selfish, goal-oriented, uncooperative, irresponsible,  thoughtful, empathetic and unpredictable.

Blood group AB

This is the rarest blood group. Blood type AB has a mix of personalities of A and B so they come off as complicated, indecisive people. They can have dual personalities or may lean more to the personality of either type A or that of type B. They can either be as outgoing and resilient as the B type or reserved and shy like the A. They may be considered as two-faced and try to hide their true personalities from people. People cannot predict how they will react or handle a situation.

Understanding them is hard, especially to strangers. They are easily likeable, make friends easily, can be charming and the life of a party, you can never be bored with them. They  manage stress poorly, are empathetic and can be really cautious especially a while dealing with others. They are careful and possess exceptional analytical and logical skills.

Personality traits: Critical, charming, forgetful, controlled, fun-loving, indecisive, cool, irresponsible, dream chaser, vulnerable, caring, unforgiving, rational, self-centered, trustworthy, shy, complicated, adaptable, analytical, creative, and very logical.

Blood group O

The Japanese refer to them as warriors because they are very daring, achievers and outgoing. They are very flexible, generous, and are principled. They set really high standards personally and try to achieve these goals against all odds. This makes them expect the very best from people around them, they expect these people to be as motivated as they are. They possess great leadership attributes and may come off as authoritative.

They are not unfazed by little things and always focus on the bigger picture. They are kind-hearted, resilient, flexible and do better than other blood types in tough situations because they adapt easily and are always looking to bring a solution. They are honest to a fault, blunt and say things as they see it.

Personalities traits: Smart, leader, easy-going, go-getters positive outlook, confident, selfish, calm, arrogant, authoritative, outgoing, cautious, cold, loyal, strong-willed,  peaceful, passionate, unpredictable, non-punctual, jealous, independent, great endurance level, reliable, intuitive, rude, carefree, workaholic, trendsetter self-determined, devoted and ruthless.


Does your personality really have anything to do with the antigen on your red blood cell? There is no scientific backing to these claims but personality typing has been in existence as humans try to reconcile behavioral differences.

You are unique and can acquire positive personality traits and unlearn bad habits.  Personality typing is however a fun way of getting a deeper understanding or insight into why you think or do things in a certain way, it can also be a way of making people understand you and your way of doing things.

According to Ketsueki-gata, these are the compatible blood types especially in a romantic relationship:

  • A blood group is compatible with A type and AB type
  • B blood type is compatible with AB type and B type
  • O blood group is compatible with O type and AB type
  • AB blood type is compatible with all the blood groups

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