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Understanding Anxiety By Anxiety UK Pdf

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Understanding Anxiety By Anxiety UK Pdf
Understanding Anxiety By Anxiety UK Pdf

Download Understanding Anxiety By Anxiety UK Pdf book free online – from Understanding Anxiety By Anxiety UK Pdf book; Anxiety is completely normal and something that all human beings experience from time to time, when faced with situations that are difficult or threatening. The word ‘anxiety’ is often used to cover a broad range of experiences and is linked with emotions such as fear and worry. In fact, ‘fear’ and ‘anxiety’ are almost interchangeable terms.

Anxiety itself can be a helpful emotion, as it can help you to prepare for events ahead as well as improve your performance. However, anxiety can become so severe and intense at times that it becomes debilitating and starts to restrict daily routine and life as a whole. In essence, at this point, the anxiety experienced has got out of proportion and you end up feeling much more anxious than you would expect someone else to be in your circumstances…..

What causes anxiety?
Some people seem to be born with a tendency to be anxious and indeed recent research suggests that risk for certain forms of anxiety disorders can be inherited. Other people develop anxiety disorders after having
experienced specific traumatic, stressful incidents or events in their life – for example, divorce, bereavement, starting a new job, moving house, etc.
Anxiety disorders can also be ‘learned’ – for example, you can become anxious after seeing someone else acting in an anxious way. Usually, this happens when children see their parent/significant adult in their life being scared of something – for example, spiders. With time, the child also develops a fear of spiders and ‘learns’ this anxious behavior. However, for many people, there is no obvious trigger for their anxiety and it is just something that they develop.
The next section of this guide goes into further detail about the causes of anxiety

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