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Table-Talk By William Hazlitt Pdf

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Table-Talk By William Hazlitt Pdf
Table-Talk By  William Hazlitt Pdf

Here you can download Table-Talk By William Hazlitt Pdf book free online – from Table-Talk By William Hazlitt Pdf book; so that by the time they appear in a tangible shape, and one can con them over with a conscious, sidelong glance to the public approbation,

they have lost their gloss and relish, and become ‘more tedious than a twice-told tale.’ For a person to read his own works over with any great delight, he ought first to forget that he ever wrote them. Familiarity naturally breeds contempt. It is, in fact, like poring fondly over a piece of blank paper; from repetition, the words convey no distinct meaning to the mind–are mere idle sounds, except that our vanity claims an interest and property in them. I have more satisfaction in my own thoughts than in dictating them to others: words are necessary to explain the impression of certain things upon me to the reader, but they rather weaken and draw a veil over than strengthen it to myself. However I might say with the poet, ‘My mind to me a kingdom is,’ yet I have little ambition ‘to set a throne or chair of state

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