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Health Benefits of Moringa

Moringa leaves are literally one of the most powerful natural medicines known, every part of the tree which include the leaves, pods, fruit, seeds, oil, root, bark sap has medical properties. The leaves are used as herbs,they can be cooked and eaten as vegetables, served as juice or made as oil. Moringa has a high nutritive value and rich in vitamin A, B,C,D and E which are effective remedy for malnutrition.

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7 Foods That Make You Taller Quickly

7 Foods That Make You Taller Quickly

Most people consider being tall as an advantage and truly it is. Here we will be looking at 7 Foods That Make You Taller even though you Don’t Want to be tall (Lol)… Who doesn’t want to? We, humans, need food to survive but eating the right food takes things to another level. Eating the right food can make you look younger, taller, healthier, stronger, and smarter while the wrong diet can make you dull, sick, weak, and old.

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