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Love for a Deaf Rebel By Derrick King Pdf

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Love for a Deaf Rebel By Derrick King Pdf
Love for a Deaf Rebel By  Derrick King Pdf

Download Love for a Deaf Rebel By Derrick King Pdf book free online – from Love for a Deaf Rebel By Derrick King Pdf book; “Pearl told me she loves you, but she hardly knows you because you won’t sign,” I said.

“I follow expert advice. Everything I have done is to support Pearl to become as oral as possible so she can function in the real world. The greater her oral skills, the greater her opportunities, so the better her life will be. We want the best for her.”

“Even if you learn to sign, you must help her with lipreading and speech,” said Kevin.

“One way doesn’t rule out the other, does it?”

“It does,” said Pearl’s mother. “That’s the problem.”

“At thirty, you might as well communicate any way you can. I suppose she’s not with you enough now for your oral practice to make much of a difference.”

“Hearing signers don’t help. Why do you want to sign? To keep Pearl for yourself? Talk to her, and listen to her talk, too. Help her with the hearing world. We support deaf children through the Elks’ oral development fund.”

We ate a wonderful roast beef dinner. There was no signing or writing. An outsider would never have suspected that one of us was deaf.

I invited Pearl to ride on my motorcycle to Mount Baker for a roadhouse lunch and then to my parents’ for dinner. Pearl was happy to have a chance to meet my parents.

Eugénie’s leather suit and helmet fit Pearl perfectly. My polished, black BMW was parked in front of my unwashed, brown Volkswagen Beetle. Both were ten years old. I pushed the motorcycle away from the car, exposing the car’s license plate: Eugénie.

Pearl pointed at the license plate and winced. I smiled and shrugged and started the engine. She climbed on. I put her hands around my waist and pressed them tight. I took a deep breath, smiled, and rode off.

When we arrived in Langley, my mother heard the throbbing of the engine and rushed out to greet us. Pearl climbed off the bike and took off her helmet. Unable to speak to each other, my mother and Pearl simply hugged. Father greeted Pearl

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