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Humanistic Nursing By Loretta Zderad Pdf

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Humanistic Nursing By Loretta Zderad Pdf
Humanistic Nursing By Loretta Zderad Pdf

Here you can download Humanistic Nursing By Loretta Zderad Pdf book free online – from Humanistic Nursing By Loretta Zderad Pdf book; Concisely, humanistic nursing practice theory proposes that nurses consciously and deliberately approach nursing as an existential experience.

Then, they reflect on the experience and phenomenologically describe the calls they receive, their responses, and what they come to know from their presence in the nursing situation. It is believed that compilation and complementary syntheses of these phenomenological descriptions over time will build and make explicit a science of nursing.

Perhaps we can, once again, look for and call for authentic dialogue with our patients, our students, and our colleagues. Paterson and Zderad are clear in their method: discuss, question, convey, clarify, argue, and reflect. They remind us of our uniqueness and our commonality. They tell us that it is necessary to do with and be with each other in order for any one of us to grow. They help us celebrate the power of our choices.

Is it ironic and fortunate that Humanistic Nursing should be re-issued now when it is needed even more than it was during the late 1970s? Then, humanitarianism was in vogue. Now, it is under attack as a secular religion.

Today, the technocratic imperative infiltrates an ever-increasing number of our lived experiences; and it becomes more difficult to ignore or dismiss Habermas’s analysis that all interests have become technical rather than human.

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