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For most people with protruding tummy must have heard experts or people tell them, what they eat and drink have an impact on the appearance of their stomach. Diet is very important when it comes to metabolism, fat storage and fat breakdown. You can’t expect your tummy to become flat without doing away with some kind of food. So, in this article you would know a lot on how get a flat tummy: Meals & Habits

First you must know habits are very important to consider when it comes to losing belly fat. Just like feeding patterns are dropped, certain habits are also dropped. Sometimes what you need to lose belly fat, lies in being concerned about a healthy lifestyle. 

When you think of living healthy, you think of eating healthy, and cultivating healthy habits. Naturally, these two are some of the requirements for a flat tummy.  

Foods That Help You Maintain a Flat Tummy 

Whole Grain

Whole grains( like oats, bread and whole wheat pasta) are healthier choices for a flat tummy than refined grains like white bread and pasta). Therefore replacing these refined grains with whole grains and unprocessed food are good for keeping the tummy in check.

Oats Meal

If you’re hoping to lose stomach fat, Oats should be one of the food you will need to eat more. It is rich nutritionally. Oats are very good staple food that can make up your breakfast meal. It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins and provides many other health benefits.

Eating Oatmeal retains energy and keeps you full for a long period of time. It is an excellent food for achieving a flat tummy because they keep you satiated. This helps you keep away from snacks and junk food for the rest of the day, or till the next meal time.


Fish is a good quality protein that slows down the rate at which the stomach processes food. It also delays the passage of carbohydrates. Dr Glen postulates that adding any protein to a carbohydrate food changes it into a slow-releasing carbohydrate. Such carbohydrates keep the sugar level steady and energy high. 

Green Leafy Vegetables

Spinach and Chard are good quality and very nutritious vegetables. They are low in calories and contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. These vegetables are very supportive of the immune system and overall health. Regular intake of vegetables also keeps the bowel movement steady. Some other examples are; green beans and broccol


When we talk about beans that reduce stomach fat, think more of the kidney beans, black beans and  green beans. These are low sources of calories but rich in fibre, iron and protein. 

These listed above are nutritious food one can stick to in order to lose stomach fat, also bear in mind that this not all there are some other food that helps in flattening the stomach like cinnamon, Almonds, Salmon etc. But eating any kind of food randomly will not help you lose stomach fat. 

Habits That Help You Maintain a Flat Tummy

  1. Going To Bed Early

You know what going to bed early does for you? It helps you avoid late-night snacking. Some of us that are night crawlers do know how to eat late night snacks. This limits our efforts towards having a flat tummy. 

Another thing is that missing out on a complete night rest slows down the body metabolism. Sometimes it can lead to increased cortisol levels which causes the body to store more fat. We are encouraged to get  7- 8 hours of a good night rest in order to increase calorie burn and keep cortisol level in check. 

  1. Adding Milk To Breakfast

Always try to include low-fat milk in your morning meals. Add to cereals specifically. Foods that contain high calcium give us healthier body weight. Dairy products contain minerals ( like calcium, potassium, and magnesium) which helps to counterbalance bloat-inducing sodium. 

  1. Eating Slowly

You might be wondering what eating slowly has got to do with a flat tummy. One of the advise from experts is to chew our food bit by bit during meals. At Least ten times before swallowing. The body works overtime to break down food in the stomach and intestines. This can lead to major gas and indigestion.

Now when we eat fast, we’re prone to swallowing air, which can increase the risk of feeling bloated. 

  1. Engaging in Regular Exercise

Talking about exercising, we’re considering taking daily walks. Sometimes going to the gym can suffice but in the absence of a gym, a 30mins daily walk will do. This will boost your body metabolism and burn waistline fat effectively. 

  1. Make adding ginger to some of your diet a habit too. Yes, because it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, it has been shown to improve digestion in such a way that bloating is reduced. 


Perhaps you have not heard that less fat around your tummy reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. So it’s not just about the flat tummy. There are other benefits to it. 

Just like I’ll always say, if you can stick to the process and do all that is necessary, your efforts will bless you with a flat tummy.  


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