Healthy Diet Tips and Facts

Healthy Diet Tips and Facts

Someone once said that it’s easy to get confused when it comes to nutrition and health. Perhaps there is a little sense in what he said. Different experts could also have different opinions. But despite different opinions, a few tips are supported by proven researches. “Your healthy diet Tips and  Facts” as a write up reveals some of those proven studies.

Tips For a Healthy Diet

 Many people have difficulties changing their diet. There are so many reasons to this, no doubt. Some could be as a result of finance, others could be a matter of preference. 

Making major changes to our diet may seem overwhelming sometimes. However, we are advised to start small, and let the change take it’s toll gradually. 

Now let’s explore some of those tips that we need to maintain a healthy diet.

  1. Eat Gradually

The rate at which you eat affects how much you eat and your weight. Studies have shown that people who eat fast are likely to feed more and increase in Body Mass than slow eaters.

The quantity of food we eat, our appetite and our satisfaction limit are all controlled by hormones sending signals to the brain. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to receive these signals. Therefore eating slowly allows the brain time to interpret these signals. 

Eating slowly may also reduce the number of calories consumed per meal and helps in weight loss. 

  1. Make a List Before Shopping 

This is an important thing to do before getting into the market, mall etc. Shopping without a list can make you a bit careless while shopping. When you do not know what you want buying on impulse very common. Buying on impulse could also make you spend more on.

For this reason, planning ahead and making a list before shopping is a very good strategy. By doing this, you’ll cut down expenses and spend more on healthy food. 

  1. Take Protein regularly

When it comes to nutrient supply, protein is a big deal. Due to its ability to satisfy hunger effectively, it is considered as the most satisfying of the macro nutrients. 

Protein also helps in retaining muscle mass and may slightly increase the amount of calories burnt per day. To prevent loss of muscle as a result of weight loss, take protein often.

  1. Limit Sugary Drinks 

I know we like sugary things. Infact who does not like something that tastes good? I think a lot of people do, and I do as well. Yet sugary things are not always the best for our health.

If you may know, studies have revealed two things. First is that sugar-sweetened drinks increases the risk of heart diseases and type II diabetes. This is applicable to people without excess body fat as well. So, you see? It’s not about your weight this time. 

Another revelation is that these drinks are harmful to children. How? They can contribute to conditions that usually do not develop until adulthood like type II diabetes, and high blood pressure.

This is very serious because some of us believe that as children we burn up all these sugar due to several activities. Now, here we are with such exposure. 

  1. Avoid Ultra-processed Food

I feel like repeating this continually. Possibly painting it on everybody’s face so that we see it always. 

These are foods with ingredients that have been significantly modified from their original form. Foods with all the additives such as preservatives, sweeteners, colors, and the likes. 

Some of these food are our favorites. Yes, foods that have been canned,  frozen food, snacks like cake, etc.  I do like cakes anyway. These type of food are easily overeaten and can lead to excess calorie consumption. 

Studies show that ultra-processed food often contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart dieseases and several chronic conditions.

Facts About a Healthy Diet

Earlier on we talked about several opinions as regards eating healthy. There are several misconceptions too. So many myths that should be debunked and a few facts that should be common. 

  1. Eggs are Very Healthy Foods to Eat

Unfortunately eggs have been flagged because their yolks are high in cholesterol. Good news is that studies show that eggs do not increase blood cholesterol in so many people.

Another is that egg is one of the most nutritious food. Only ensure you take it as required health wise.

  1. Low Fat Doesn’t Mean Good Health

Due to the advise from experts on eating low-fat foods, people consume them a lot. Most times processed-low fat foods are the utmost target of so many. Yet they are mostly an unhealthy bunch of food.

Natural low-fat foods are great diets but processed foods tagged “low-fat” must be avoided.

  1. Health is Just More Than a Weight Loss

People are more intentional about weight loss then being healthy. Well, I don’t think it’s their fault. Just part of the so many misconceptions. But, there is more to being healthy than just losing weight. 

It is very possible for a person with so much weight to be healthier than a normal-weight person. So it’s possible to improve health without losing weight. 

Now the problem is the area where the fat builds up. Fat build-up around your abdominal cavity (belly fat) are linked with metabolic problems. Then fat under the skin are cosmetic problems. 

What’s the advise? Focus on reducing belly fat for health improvement.

  1. Packaging Is not Enough Conviction for Health Claims

Health has always been delicate. But in recent times, health has become more important. Please, look beyond the packaging of foods. Most producers package to sell well.

 Labels like “low-fat”, ” whole grain”, “bromate-free” and the likes can be misleading. Most times they could be false. Many unhealthy food substances have found their way into markets in the guise of excellent packaging. 

Take note, beware, and look beyond packaging.

Bottom Line 

We could go on with a lot of health tips and facts which I know will be great eye-openers, perhaps a second part of this article will do. Truth is that we need just a bit of common sense in addition to some evidence-based  research to do away with all the misconceptions.

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