Fifty Salads By Thomas J. Murrey Pdf

Fifty Salads By  Thomas J. Murrey Pdf

Here you can download Fifty Salads By Thomas J. Murrey Pdf book free online – from Fifty Salads By Thomas J. Murrey Pdf book; Of the many varieties of food daily consumed, none are more important than a salad, rightly compounded. And there is nothing more exasperating than an inferior one. The salad is the Prince of the Menu, and although a dinner be perfect in every other detail except the salad, the affair will be voted a failure if that be poor.

DUMAS SALAD (Devised by Alexandre Dumas).–“Put in a salad-bowl a yolk of egg boiled hard; add a tablespoonful of oil, and make a paste of it; then add a few stalks of chervil chopped fine, a teaspoonful each of tunny and anchovy paste, a little French mustard, a small pickled cucumber chopped fine, the white of the egg chopped fine, and a little soy.

Mix the whole well with two tablespoonfuls of wine vinegar; then add two or three steamed potatoes sliced, a few slices of beet, same of celeriac, same of rampion, salt and Hungarian pepper to taste; toss gently twenty minutes, then serve.” Fifty Salads By Thomas J. Murrey Pdf

EELS, MAYONNAISE OF.–Put into a salad-bowl two heads of bleached endive, each leaf having been previously examined. Take six pieces of potted eels about two inches long; remove the bone; break the eels into neat pieces, and arrange them on the endive; add a mayonnaise, garnish, and serve.

EGG SALAD.–Put into a salad-bowl the small crisp leaves of a head of lettuce;

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