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Ewa Agoyin: Recipe And Health Benefits – Earthlydiets

Ewa Agoyin

What rings a bell when you consider Beans… .no doubt… I understand your thoughts, “that food that isn’t sweet”, this has been the situation for the vast majority who view the dinner as exceptionally ugly and less appealing.

Beans are a staple in many homes in Nigeria. It is wealthy in protein and its dissolvable fiber which assists in bringing down blood cholesterol. Nonetheless, despite the medical advantages related to this food, beans are disliked by numerous people in light of the fact that it is related to stomach bloating and acid reflux. To guarantee that friends and family benefit from the dietary advantages inborn in this vegetable, individuals have conceived various techniques for preparing this food. Ewa Agoyin is one of such approaches to appreciating beans. This Nigerian feast ended up breaking the barrier(s) between the people who love beans and the individuals who don’t. This rich feast is one of only a handful of exceptional food sources which can fabricate a hankering between pretty much every individual, particularly when eaten with a mouth-watering side chop e.g Nigerian Agege Bread.

Today in this post we will plunge profoundly into the different things that make up this most pursued bean feast in Nigerian,how it is made and its medical advantages.


Ewa Agoyin

It will come as a shock to many knowing that Ewa Agoyin isn’t of first Nigerian Origin. Ewa Agoyin is an incredibly well-known road food made of beans and sauce. The beans are particularly fragile or beat, while the sauce is regularly dull and bronzed. The term ‘Ewa Agoyin’ was sired from Ewa, signifying “beans” in Yoruba, and Agoyin, which is a faction in the Benin Republic or a general term used by Nigerians to suggest Beninese and Togolese people. Ewa Agoyin was thus used to depict the kind of beans ready by these people of Togolese and Beninese starting points. So the next time you see a Beninese make sure to hug them for being the brains behind this dish

Ewa Agoyin is a feast, ostensibly cherished by all, poor people, the working class, and the rich, however most certainly interesting; an ideal break from the exhausting Nigerian technique for cooking beans. As per its lovers, even individuals, who could have done without beans affirmed love for Ewa Agoyin. Certain individuals liked to eat this dish with sweet potato, others favored garri (cassava starch granules)  sprinkled on it, and some others picked dodo (fried plantain), among individual preferences however well known among them is the utilization of soft Nigerian Agege bread. Haaaa….that is life at its peak…

The significant ways to accomplish the genuine Ewa Agoyin sauce taste are utilizing the right peppers, utilizing sufficient palm oil which is heaps of Palm oil, and frying your Palm oil properly. In the event that you get these three hints right, you’ll perfect it.

The peppers utilized for Ewa Agoyin sauce are dried ringer peppers, Cameroon peppers and dried pepper seeds which are dried seeds of red bean stew peppers. Tomatoes are a No, No! Additionally, utilizing new peppers won’t create the real Ewa Agoyin sauce taste. On the off chance that you can’t find dried chime peppers, you can utilize just dried pepper seeds. These are exceptionally simple to find at practically all supermarkets. Typically, they are referred to as “Squashed Red Chilies or Red Pepper Flakes”. I ought to caution you however, they are extremely hot. In the event that you can stand the intensity, then you’re great. You’ll require heaps of palm oil to accomplish the legitimate Ewa Agoyin sauce taste and consistency so you will not have the option to think twice about this. To accomplish the crunchy Agoyin sauce taste, you’ll need to allow your onions to get burnt a little while frying. The consolidated pepper seeds, when seared, additionally help to accomplish the coarse surface. At a later piece of this post we will dive deeply into the fixings and Preparation of this hair-raising dish.


Understanding the medical advantages of Ewa Agoyin begins by grasping its components. Ewa Agoyin comprises Beans and Oil generally so with these parts we can comprehend the different medical advantages of the local dish.

Beans give a bunch of medical advantages. They are processed gradually, which assists keep blood glucose stable and may reduce tiredness. Beans are high in cancer prevention agents, fiber, protein, B nutrients, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, and zinc. Eating beans consistently may diminish the gamble of diabetes, coronary illness, and colorectal disease, and help with weight maintenance.

The following are some of the health benefits;

  • Lots of Fiber

Beans are an incredible source of fiber. That is significant because the vast majority don’t get the suggested measure of Fiber required every day. Fiber helps keep you less weighty and appears to safeguard against coronary illness, elevated cholesterol, hypertension, and stomach-related ailment. Typical beans have about an ordinary measure of fiber per cup. It’s not without uncertainty that a plate of Ewa AGOYIN contains a lot of dietary fiber since it is a bean diet.

  • Protein

Beans are an extraordinary method for getting low-fat, a low-calorie protein that as of now has the perfect proportion of fiber and carbs blended in. A single cup has more protein than rice or wheat. It’s particularly great for a protein-building block called lysine that you probably won’t get enough of assuming that you’re a veggie lover. A decent feast of Ewa Agoyin has a similar measure of Protein required for a healthy lifestyle per serving.

  • Heart health

Individuals who consume beans consistently might be less likely to suffer from coronary failure or another cardiovascular issue. The creators of a 2017 meta-examination, recommended that one justification for the lessening in cardiovascular health disease was that individuals had supplanted higher fat meat proteins with beans. This suggests that Ewa agoyin likewise is a heart-accommodating dinner that can be added to an eating regimen to assist with expanding heart wellbeing. Ewa Agonyi helps the body framework to decrease elevated cholesterol levels which shields the body from heart infections and balances out the pace of the body’s heartbeat.

  • Balance of Blood Sugar

With a low glycemic index, beans contain a wonderful mix of mind boggling sugars and protein. Along these lines, beans are processed gradually, which assists with blood glucose stabilizing, and may reduce weakness. Eating of Ewa Agoyin can assist with diminishing glucose and settle the body’s calories.

  • Lower Cholesterol Level

Ewa Agonyin is extremely useful in bringing down the degree of cholesterol in the body. Assuming that you are experiencing elevated cholesterol, you can add Ewa Agoyin to your eating schedule.

  • Great Source of Iron

Your body utilizes iron to make blood proteins (hemoglobin and myoglobin) that assist with moving oxygen around your body. It’s additionally a critical supplement for your chemicals, and connective tissue like ligaments and tendons. A cup of beans has the perfect proportion of Iron required by the body. Ewa Agoyin being a bean diet feast likewise contains this iron which makes it an extremely satisfactory dinner for the people who wish to integrate iron into their eating routine everyday or week after week. Taking into account the way that it’s a cash saving diet the typical man can without much of a stretch get ready and create iron for the body.

  • Potassium

Potassium is vital for the ordinary working of the body, everything being equal. It controls the heartbeat, guarantees appropriate functioning of the muscles and nerves, and is essential for incorporating protein and processing starches. Your body needs the stuff for nearly everything, including your heart, kidneys, muscles, and nerves. Beans have a lot of potassium, particularly lima beans, which will give you the perfect proportion of Potassium, two fold of what you’ll get from a banana. This chock full of Potassium can be gotten from Ewa AGOYIN when taken in the right proportion.

  • Great Source of Carbohydrates

Beans are a great source of carbohydrates that most people do not know about. It contains about 75% carbs which makes it a good meal for providing energy. Ewa AGOYIN is also rich in these nutrients when taken in the right proportion and is very healthy for the body.



For the beans

Beans (preferably the Red beans)

Salt (to taste)

Seasoning ( to tastes)

Grinded Pepper ( Cameroon Pepper, dried pepper or Chili).

For the Sauce

Ewa Agoyin
Ewa Agoyin Sauce

Cup of Dried Chili or Pepper seeds

Dried Red Bell Pepper

Onion bulb

Grated Ginger

Blended Crayfish

Seasoning Cubes (measure according to tastes)

Palm Oil




1. Put a pot of water on your burner. Try to put sufficient water and stand by till it bubbles

2. Rinse the beans and add to the boiling water. Chop Onions and pour inside the beans, this will make the beans soften quicker than expected, cover it yet ensure you add enough water  incase it gets dry when not delicate.

3. When you have your beans extremely soft, sprinkle salt.

4. Leave till the water gets dry, then you put off the fire.

5. Grind your pepper (Ata Rodo) and onions.

6. The following thing you need to do currently is put one more pot on your burner, add palm oil and when it is a hot, pour groundnut oil and leave till they mix. The mix of these two gives an astonishing taste to your sauce.

7. Add the crushed blend, and add your seasoning and salt to taste. Turn the blend with a spoon and leave for a couple of moments.

8. Serve your Ewa agoyin with sauce and you might choose to eat with bread (Agege Bread),  sweet potato, or fried plantain (dodo)

Ewa Agoyin
Ewa Agoyin, Fried Plantain and Boiled Yam


It’s without a doubt that Ewa Agoyin is indeed a very nutritious native delicacy with the ability to turn even a nonlover into an overnight fan of the meal. Now you know how to cook and prepare this meal, feel free to try this awesome Nigerian meal and leave yourself wanting more but remember not to eat alone but share with others too as there’s love sharing. Remember to eat healthily and stay healthy…



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