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Candy-Making Revolutionized By Mary Elizabeth Pdf

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Candy-Making Revolutionized By Mary Elizabeth Pdf
Candy-Making Revolutionized By Mary Elizabeth Pdf

Here you can download Candy-Making Revolutionized By Mary Elizabeth Pdf book free online – from Candy-Making Revolutionized By Mary Elizabeth Pdf book; Of cookery, candy-making is a branch which is entitled to more dignity than it ordinarily receives.

Negatively and positively, the importance of sweets to the child can hardly be over-estimated. If he consumes a quantity of impure confectionery, his digestion will be ruined for life; how much of the confectionery bought is rankly impure it is well for the mother’s peace of mind that she does not know! On the other hand, if the child is not given sweets, he is deprived of a food element of the greatest value to his development. And for the adult, the value of pure candy is too obvious to warrant comment.

If the sugar is properly applied, candied fruit, well packed, will keep for several weeks without injury.

Pack soft candies in layers separated by waxed papers backed by cardboard. Remember that the best-made confections will be unappetizing when presented or served unattractively.

In pulling taffies or other candies, corn starch may be put to good use. No definite rules can be given, because the temperature and the humidity of each pair of hands–to put the case euphemistically–are different. Each time the material is pulled, the candy-maker should dust her hands as lightly as possible with the corn starch. A moderate amount of it worked into the mass will do no harm, but care must be taken not to use so much that the candy becomes starchy. Moreover, a heavy coating of the starch does not protect the hands any more than does a light dusting.

While the candy is being pulled, it should be handled as little as possible. 

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