Bakery and Confectionery By EIILM University Pdf

Bakery and Confectionery By EIILM University Pdf

Download Bakery and Confectionery By EIILM University Pdf book free online – from Bakery and Confectionery By EIILM University Pdf book; Bread machines generally do not deal well with non-wheat flours, so any recipe that requires a substantial addition of a grain such as rye or corn that lacks gluten will prove difficult at best in a bread machine, as will any dough with unusually large amounts of liquid (such as ciabatta).

Generally, homemade bread goes stale faster than bread from a commercial baker because the former does not include preservatives. However, it is possible (though rather difficult) to use a natural leaven or a pre-ferment in bread maker dough recipes if the starter is sufficiently fast to rise. Sourdough contains a symbiotic culture of yeast and lacto bacteria; the yeast provides some flavor as well as carbon dioxide to provide lift, while lactic acid produced by sourdough’s lacto bacteria greatly preserves bread, as well as affecting its flavor, while pre-ferments provide some of the same benefits as a sourdough culture with the greater predictability of domesticated
baker’s yeast.

Traditionally, bread makers take between three and four hours to bake a loaf. However recently “fast bake” modes have become common additions, many of which are able to produce a loaf in under an hour.

Convenience cooking
Convenience cooking is the practice of streamlining recipes for simplicity and speed of preparation. It is a common practice in Western cultures, where both men and women work outside the home and elaborate meals are difficult if not impossible to pull off given the time constraints. Though seemingly a recent phenomenon, guides to convenience cooking go as far back as 1930 French Cooking in Ten Minutes by Edouard de Pomiane, which tried to minimize the time put into much French cooking of the day. Current well-known practitioners of the art include

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