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Morning Habits: Popular Traits That Can Ruin Your Day

Morning Habits: 8 Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day
Morning Habits:

Having a good day is everyone’s particular daily expectation. As individuals, we expect to wake up every morning with the hope of having a fulfilling day, free from mental stress, worries, etc. But the big question is why do someday get ruined even before we leave the bed or didn’t go as planned?

Although we hope for a good day, we as humans fail to understand that there are some morning habits that can ruin your day as a person and keep you feeling down all day long. For these, we have put together some morning habits that can ruin your day so you will be free from a drowsy day. Some of our lists are more psychological than medical, and we will walk through them together.

Morning Habits That Could Ruin Your Day

Here are some things you should never do in the morning to guarantee you start your day feeling good.

1. Checking Social Media and Receiving Calls

According to Tech Times, 46% of humans glance at their phones before getting out of bed in the morning. It’s a big bet that many of these people are surfing through their social media accounts to be precise. Most people do this as an unknown daily morning habit and it turns into a usual routine.

Psychologically, it is believed that using your phone and going through the internet increases the chance of ruining your mental health activities for the day. I recommend avoiding all social media when you first wake up. Instead of surfing your phone, you can use the time to do your bed stretches, exercises, or tell yourself positive statements. The same goes for exploring your emails right after getting up from bed. This can set you up in a bad mood or make you stay glued to your phone for the rest of the day, leaving you with an unclear head. Get your morning started and try not to have a glimpse at your phone until after breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. It may be a hard habit to break but you’ll be glad you did.

2. Drinking Coffee First Thing In The Morning

While there isn’t anything wrong with enjoying a steaming cup of coffee in the morning. This shouldn’t be the first thing you sip on after waking up. Go for a glass of water instead, at least as your first beverage of the day. Not only does this hydrate you after hours of not drinking anything, but it also gives your metabolism a nice kickstart.

Drinking water right after you wake up is also great for your gut since it flushes out any toxins that are sitting in your body as you slept. It also helps prevent constipation.

According to Reina Baton, a nutritionist, and author of the 111 diets, drinking water first thing in the morning increases your alertness as well. The first glass of water actually synchronizes, balances, and regulates body and brain function which can have a significant effect on your mood for the day. Just be sure the water is at room temperature so that it doesn’t shock your body and close it off to receiving all those great h2o benefits.

3. Eating Empty Carbs And Sugar For Breakfast

Remember back in school when they’d say breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Well, they were right.

Eating a healthy breakfast is a great way to set yourself up for the day ahead. While a junk meal like a doughnut or burger is easy to eat on the go, these sugar-filled treats will give you energy that doesn’t last very long at all. Once your blood sugar crashes, you’ll be left feeling even more tired than you did before you ate.

Instead, opt for a protein-rich breakfast. This will keep you fuller for a while, and give you long-lasting energy to keep you productive and focused all day long. Protein is essential for keeping your body light and less hungry until you are ready for a lunch crash meal.

4. Leaving The Curtains Closed

Bright artificial light in the morning isn’t always welcome. Plus, you need to give your tired eyes some time to adjust right? Believe it or not, bringing a little natural light to your room in the morning is a great way to wake yourself up.

According to a life coach, Kirkland shaved natural sunlight releases cortisol in the body, which helps you concentrate and make smart decisions throughout the day, this also includes its high vitamin D nutrient which your body needs. If you choose to get ready for your day in darkness, your body’s inner clock can get confused and assume it’s still nighttime.

This means your brain will stay in sleep mode, leaving you feeling slow, inactive, and sluggish, for the rest of the morning and even into the afternoon.

5. Doing Strenuous Exercises In The Morning

Exercises are very important for your body but doing strenuous exercises immediately after getting off from bed isn’t really advisable. When you get up from your bed in the morning, doesn’t it feel good to get a good stretch? That’s because you’re releasing fluid that’s accumulated in your spinal discs and causing them to expand. This in turn can leave you feeling stiff, especially in your back.

That’s why it’s a great idea to slowly stretch after you wake up. This regular morning habit can help keep your body in good shape. People who exercise in the morning tend to stick with their routine more than people who work out in the evening. That’s because you can come up with a bunch of reasons not to work out as the day progresses.

According to a 2014 research by Dick Jones communications, exercising in the morning helps people to better manage their work-life balance, and this narrows and minimizes their stress levels. So even if you are a bit tired, push yourself to get a little exercise. Your body and mind will be happy with you.

6. Brushing Your Teeth Immediately After Breakfast

Isn’t it a sensible habit to brush your teeth after your first meal of the day? That way you get rid of all that food stuck in your teeth…right?

These might be confusing, but brushing your teeth immediately after breakfast may do more harm than good.

You see if you consume something acidic like coffee or fruit, that acid thins the enamel of your teeth. That’s why it’s best to brush those pearly whites just after you wake up. Brushing your teeth just immediately after breakfast can leave you feeling uncomfortable especially if you use harsh toothpaste.

According to research, brushing immediately after eating breakfast has the possibility of actually covering your teeth with remains of acidic food, which could weaken your enamel. Brushing after consuming these can be harmful to your enamel.

  • orange juice
  • citrus fruit
  • dried fruit
  • bread
  • pastries

So, brushing may be extremely bad for your teeth immediately after breakfast.

Waiting for up to 30 minutes to an hour after eating to brush your teeth is the best way to ensure that you’re safeguarding your teeth and not interfering with your enamel.

The American Dental Association recommends you wait 60 minutes before eating before you brush, particularly after eating acidic foods. Drink water or chew sugar-free gum after eating to clean your teeth before you brush.

7. Making Phone Calls

Are you in the mood to have long chats with someone first thing in the morning?

This morning habit isn’t really bad but psychologically it is much better to make your calls before you sleep than early in the morning. Research has shown that 35% of people who have morning mood swings are caused by phone calls received early in the morning.

That’s why it’s best to save important phone calls for late in the morning instead of early on. People need time to wake up and get their bearings before they can think about important things to talk about on the phone. It’s best to wait until about 9:30 am to start making phone calls.

But it’s important to note that exceptions can be made for emergency or urgent situations.

8. Hot Shower

A nice hot shower feels so great after you wake up. But when these become a morning habit, it doesn’t really keep your body alert and awake. That’s because the heat of the water tells your body to weaken its muscles. It can even slow down your heart rate, making you feel tired and drowsy. Once this happens, you’ll feel really relaxed and get sleepy easily.

This morning habit is one that is very common among people, although it is not bad it’s not the most advised morning habit. Exceptions to this can be made especially if your body has adapted to the use of hot water as a morning routine.

While it may sound unappealing at first, taking a quick Cold Shower is a much better alternative. Not only does it keep your brain and body awake and alert, but it also puts you in a good mood. The cold makes your brain release feel-good endorphins and natural adrenaline. Another great choice is lukewarm water if you are so used to hot water baths.


Being in good shape both physically and mentally all day is essential to us as humans. Maintaining the best morning habits plays the best role in maintaining the best state. Always remember that your morning plays can a major role in determining how the rest of your morning or day might be. So, creating a healthy morning routine and abstaining from some morning habits like those listed above will aid you to take each day by the horn. If you have any questions kindly drop them in the comment section below. we will try to answer them all.

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