A Surgeon in Belgium By Henry Souttar Pdf

A Surgeon in Belgium By Henry Souttar Pdf

Here you can download A Surgeon in Belgium By Henry Souttar Pdf book free online – from A Surgeon in Belgium By Henry Souttar Pdf book; It is a mistake to burden your transport with the enemy’s wounded, or, indeed—low be it spoken—with your own.

The former should always be killed, and the latter so far as the degree of culture of your country will allow. It is one of the regrettable points, logically, of Germany’s warfare that she appears to pay some attention to her wounded, but our information on this point is deficient, and it is possible that she limits it to those who may again be useful.

To kill the Medical Staff of the enemy is obviously most desirable. Without them a large number of the wounded would die. If, therefore, it is possible to kill both the doctors and the wounded together, it is a great advantage, and of all possible objectives for artillery a hospital is the most valuable. So complete was our confidence in the German observance of this rule that when we heard that they were likely to bombard Antwerp, we were strongly advised to remove our Red Cross from the sight of prying aeroplanes, and we took the advice. Several other hospitals were hit, but we escaped.

There are many other rules of logical warfare, such as ignoring treaties, engagements, and, indeed, the truth in any form. But these are those with which I myself came in contact, and which therefore interested me the most. There is only 

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