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After the whole weekend outing and all, Chiboy manages to wake up by 6:30am. He hurriedly prepares himself for work and when he gets to the point of eating breakfast, he remembers that he should be at work not later than 7:30am, then he skips breakfast. Such people are yet to understand the reasons why they must not skip breakfast. So we have highlighted 5 reasons why you must not skip breakfast.

Though somewhere else Lizzy has a similar story of skipping breakfast every morning; she skips breakfast not because she wants to meet up with with work early enough. She says eating breakfast gives her a feeling of nausea.

Breakfast is the most important meal. Certain discoveries have it that there is a huge connection between an insufficient breakfast and our overall health and wellbeing. This simply means that excess weight, diseases, even our looks and ageing process are all affected by our breakfast intake. This is equally a reason why we must not skip breakfast.


The human body is made of billions of cells that needs 114 different nutrients everyday to keep us alive. These nutrients only come from the food we eat. Breakfast is however one of the important meals that is necessary to supply these nutrients. Again, this can only mean one thing; a reason why we must not skip breakfast

Why Must We Eat Breakfast Every Morning

There are several reasons why we must make eating breakfast a habit. Most of these reasons are health proven reasons, some other reasons are still being discovered. But we have decided to share with you five (5) reasons why you must not skip breakfast.

  • Energy Boost To The Brain

Morning meals are very important fuels to the body and to the brain especially. Eating a healthy breakfast helps keep the body in total shape for the day’s activities. It improves the concentration and productivity levels throughout the day.

  • Prevention of Excess Weight and Sickness

Some studies say people who skip breakfast are more likely to experience overweight. Same people are at risk of experiencing health problems.

  • Control of Blood Sugar

Eating breakfast helps to keep the blood sugar under control throughout the day, whether as a diabetic or not. This can also help avoid insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes for people with normal glucose test result. 

 Meanwhile diabetic patients are strongly advised not to skip breakfast. This is more likely to cause them low blood sugar(hypoglycemia). 

  • Good Heart Conditions

The 2017 Journal of the American College of Cardiology reported that people who skip breakfast are most likely to have atherosclerosis( the narrowing and hardening of the arteries due to plaque build up. These  set of people are also likely to experience an increase in weight, blood pressure and cholesterol level. 

Some other studies discovered that skipping breakfast exposes one to a higher risk of heart diseases. 

  •  Increased Level of Productivity

Regularly eating a health breakfast helps us pay attention and keep our focus at work. When these two are in place, increased productivity becomes a possibility. Meanwhile skipping breakfast reduces energy levels and slows the body down which results in a reduced rate of brain coordination and focus. 


Skipping breakfast is not an option in any situation. Hence what do you do when perhaps there’s no time for meals? Plan ahead and keep it simple. Pack some breakfast that can be eaten on the go; a combination of some fruits, and vegetables or fruit vegetables with few slices of bread will make a very good breakfast. 

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