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10 Benefits of Water Therapy

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10 Benefits of Water Therapy
10 Benefits of Water Therapy

I use to be one of those who wouldn’t finish a sachet of water after each meal. So the first time I heard about water therapy I felt like, “what the heck is that?”. I learnt more about these 10 benefits of water therapy after two cups of water and a little nap helped me recover from headache.

Perhaps you have that same feeling of ” what do I even need water for without food?”. I do understand that feeling. The feeling of hearing your tummy rumble due to so much water taken. The rush to go drink some water after eating some heavy food. 

Yes, I have been there. I understand that we all see water as a solvent that quenches thirst. Yet there’s more to the water we drink than we think of it. Water therapy is a cure for so many things.

How To Practice Water Therapy

Do you know that water therapy is widely used as a medicine by the Japanese people? 

It involves drinking warm water or room-temperature water on an empty stomach. This is taken after waking up, to cleanse the digestive system and regulate the gut. A variety of health conditions are improved by this process. 

To practice the water therapy, you’re expected to

  • Drink four to five ¾ cups of water (160ml) at room temperature on an empty stomach upon waking up every morning.
  • Brush your teeth after this, and  wait another 45 minutes before eating breakfast.
  • Eat breakfast after 45 minutes and wait atleast for 2hours. 
  • Avoid eating anything more for 2hours after eating breakfast. 

NB: Regular practice of the steps above helps you lose weight if you desire to.

Health Conditions Improved by Water Therapy

Scientific research has proven the value of water therapy. As part of its values, water therapy provides improvement to these health conditions listed below.

  • Headache 
  • Kidney and urinary diseases 
  • Fast heart beat
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Body ache
  • Stomach pain
  • Excess Fatness
  • Menstrual Disorders 

Benefits of Water Therapy

  1. Improves Immunity

Water therapy helps to flush the lymphatic system. This flush leads to increased immunity and helps fight sicknesses.

  1. It prevents kidney Damage

Kidney stones can be prevented using water therapy. People diagnosed with kidney stones are advised to drink a lot of water. This is because water flushes the kidney and helps prevent bladder infection.

Taking two cups of water after waking up every morning helps to dilute acids in the body. It also prevents urinary tract infections and other problems with the bladder and urinary tract.

  1. It maintains Skin Health & Beauty

Dehydration makes the skin vulnerable to infections. But high dosage of water in the system helps to purge the system of toxins. This purge leaves the skin glowing. 

Constant intake of water keeps blood flow to the skin helps release toxins through sweat and prevents the skin from wrinkling.

  1. Increases Weight Loss 

Regular drinking of water instead of sweetened liquid helps the weight loss process. 

  1. Easy Digestion and Nutrient Absorption 

Drinking water after each meal helps in flushing the system. Flushing the system, helps the process of digestion and absorption of the nutrient by the body.

Early morning water therapy purifies the colon and helps the absorption of nutrients in the system. 

This is because the colon needs to function properly for the nutrients entering the body to be absorbed. 

Therefore taking water Early in the morning cleanses the colon. The colon, becomes able to absorb nutrients from every food that enters the body.

  1. Keeps Hydration Levels High

After several hours of sleep and fasting, the cells need to be hydrated. You know why? Sleeping is a form of fasting since you don’t eat anything within that period.  Once awake, the body needs hydration.

Early morning water hydrates these cells at a superior rate. The high rate of hydration helps in the production of blood and muscle cells.

  1. Regulates Body Temperature

Water is regularly stored in the middle layer of the skin as we drink consistently. When the  body heats up, this water comes to the surface of the skin as sweat.  After sometime, it evaporates and cools the body.

Some scientific study say that too little water in the body increases heat storage. When this happens, the individual becomes less able to tolerate heat strain. 

  1. Relieves Headache

Migraines are said to be a result of  dehydration. Therefore regular intake of water helps ease off any feeling of headache.

  1. Maximizes Physical Performance

Athletes perspire up to 10 percent of body weight during exercise. Therefore drinking enough water during physical activities is very essential.

Not to forget that, hydration also increases strength levels, power, and endurance.

Which means you will likely become more susceptible to the effects of dehydration while involved in some high-intensity sports.

  1. Improves Blood & Oxygen Circulation

We know that water flushes they system. As it flushes it also circulates nutrients and oxygen round the entire body. Maintaining the required daily water intake, improves circulation and healthy condition of the body.

With this knowledge, people may ask “how much water do we need to drink daily?”

Studies show that 8 glasses of water each day is best for every individual. But specific guidelines from the Institute of Medicine suggest that 

  • A total of 13 cups ( 3 litres) is necessary for men
  • A total of 9 cups( 2 litres) is required for women. Pregnant women need 10 cups of water. Breastfeeding mothers need about 12cups each day. 

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